Gearbox Are Working On A Solution For Borderlands GOTY Matchmaking Issues


Borderlands GOTY Enhanced Edition has brought an updated version of the Gearbox classic to your gaming machine of choice. Unfortunately, it has also introduced a new boss fight that players are not enjoying all that much. A lot of people seem to be running into difficulty with the games matchmaking system.

Many players are reporting issues when trying to connect to multiplayer lobbies, either with friends or with strangers. The issue also doesn’t seem to be platform specific, with users across PC, PS4 and Xbox One reporting the problem.

A moderator on the official forum has advised that Gearbox are aware of the issue and are actively working on a solution. As of yet, there has been no acknowledgment of the issue through any official channel outside of that forum post, however.

It is a shame that this problem has happened, as Borderlands as a series prides itself on the multiplayer experience, and the fun to be had while hunting for the Vault with friends. Hopefully, they get it fixed, sooner rather than later!