Both Portal games are coming to Nintendo Switch this year

The cake is still a lie.

Portal Companion Collection

Screenshot via Valve YouTube

The legendary Portal series from Valve is finally getting an official Nintendo Switch conversion and it’s coming sooner than you think. Up until now, Nintendo’s hybrid platform has only had access to the Bridge Contructor Portal spin-off, but that is set to change this year.

Portal: Companion Collection compiles the original Portal and Portal 2 in a single package for the Nintendo Switch. No specific release date has been unveiled just yet, but it is coming at some point in 2022. This collection does not appear to be getting ports to any other modern platforms.

The games take place from a first-person perspective, with puzzle solving revolving around the portal mechanic. Players are able to launch two differently colored portals acting as an input and an output. Combined with various other obstacles and momentum based physics, Portal can become pretty difficult.

Its sequel expands on the original’s concept with a more fleshed out story that has a longer playtime. It also brought co-op to the series for the first time. Fans of puzzle games will likely love Portal’s blend of mind-bending puzzles and sense of humor. Similarly, the idea of playing iconic titles on the go is enough to make hardcore fans double dip.