Here’s how to find all the purple coins in the Bowser’s Kingdom


Bowser’s Kingdom is the final kingdom that before the final fight in Super Mario Odyssey. Bowser has gone for a Samurai theme for his castle this time around with a lot of Japanese aesthetics surrounding the multiple locations in the kingdom.

The Bowser Kingdom is seperated into six different islands. There are 100 total coins for players to collect across the map, and here is how to find every last one of them.

1) The first four coins can be found on top of the archway at the entrance to Bowser’s Kingdom

2) The next lot of coins is located on the second island. Just before exiting the area, turn around and jump up onto the roof. Rotate to the end and find another four coins.

3, 4) There are two sets of coins located on the third small island. Both are on the roof again. One set of four, however, will require the capture of the bird-like enemy nearby. Use its sharp beak to hold onto the wall and carefully pick up the coins below.

5) Next, we move onto the fourth and slightly larger island. This island houses a lot more coins than the previous three combined.

The first three you will see on the ascent towards the island. Be careful and jump over the three fire pits to get them. Grab the flag first for a quick respawn point in case you accidently fall.

6) Three coins can be located towards the west of the island, hidden in a small alcove by thee three red spiky enemies.

7) After getting the previous coins, players will be able to jump up onto the roof on a nearby platform. The coins will be located at the end of the roof suspended in the air. Throw Cappy towards them to grab them.

8) The next coins are a bit tricky. Players will need to climb down the side of the map at the southeast side of the island to find three coins. Be cautious: One wrong move and you could fall to your doom.

9) Four coins lie in wait to the northeast. Grab a bird with Cappy’s ability and slowly descend to get them.

10) On the fourth island, four coins can be seen on top of the shrine. Why they look impossible to get at first, a simple bird capture will assist you in climbing up to the top to get them.

11) The final coins on the fourth island can be found on top of the roof near the exit towards the fifth island, the store.

12) These coins can be found on top of the store where you can use your coins to buy clothes and souvenirs.

13) Once you have arrived on the fifth island, jump up onto the roof on the left. Three coins are hidden just out of sight.

14, 15, 16) After beating the two broodal mini-bosses, a new area will open towards the final battle. When this entrance opens, nine coins can be located on the left, centre, and right of the roof.

17) Three coins hide in the underwater area next to the koi pond. Group pound into the water, collect the coins, and swim to the surface before you run out of air.

18) While scaling towards the final battle, just before players reach the large wall that they need to ascend, look down to the right of the staircase. Three coins lie in wait for you to grab using the bird capture.

19) While scaling the moving wall, players will notice a total of ten coins on the way. They can be easily seen while climbing and can be picked up with ease while scaling to the top.

20, 21) Time to backtrack. Once you have scaled the wall and gotten the flag checkpoint, jump down to the western point of the island. You will notice three coins on top of a poisonous lake that can be grabbed by throwing Cappy and another three coins that can be gotten from climbing another small moving wall puzzle.

22, 23) Teleport back up to the checkpoint flag you got previously and jump down this time to the opposite side. You will find a few coins near a small area next to a cube of poisonous water. Three sit on top of a large closed door and another three just overlooking the original wall you scaled.

24) Just before you walk towards the final battle in the Bowser Kingdom, look under the bridge. There are three coins hiding underneath. Grab the nearby Latiku capture and swoop on over to get them.

25) The last coins you get on the fifth island, before heading towards the boss, can be found on top of the archway near the end.

26) After transporting yourself to the sixth and final island, turn around and jump down onto the large Bowser statue’s nose. You will see some lanterns in the distance that house three coins, jump to them carefully and grab your prize.

27) Just before fighting the final boss, you can find three coins hiding on the platform, to the southwest.

28) These coins will only appear after beating the final boss of the kingdom. Players will then need to come back and grab them off one of the levitating flags in the arena.