Breath of the Wild becomes best-selling Zelda game ever in the US


2017’s release of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was a huge critical success, scoring multiple Game of the Year Awards and labels of being the best Zelda game ever made. Now it has the commercial success too after it has now been confirmed to be the best selling game in the series ever in the US.

The news was broken by Mat Piscatella, formerly with Activision and now an analyst of the video-game industry, in a Tweet, where it was confirmed that Breath of the Wild had overtaken Twilight Princess as the best selling Zelda title in the US region. He also highlighted in a later tweet that Nintendo, in general, is having a fantastic year for sales in both software and hardware.

A departure from the usual Zelda format, Breath of the Wild takes an open-world approach to the games, where the traditional dungeons break up areas and story of the game, and items are offered in each one, and instead is a number of smaller caves that offer up a number of challenges, from puzzles to combat challenges. The freedom of the game was praised and proved so successful that the next game in the series was confirmed as a direct sequel to the first game during Nintendo’s E3 Direct.

If you’ve not played the game, it’s very much worth picking up and playing, and the two DLC expansions added even more to an already packed adventure.