Bioshock Writer Explains What Makes Zelda Breath of the Wild A Masterpiece

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was released last year exclusively on Nintendo’s new gaming console Switch. The game-worn numerous rewards and was the very successful title. It is also deemed to one the greatest game of all time, many critics shared positive insight how well Breath of Wild is crafted and it’s a true masterpiece. Based on the open-world design the game broke sales record in many regions of the world and also turned to be one of the best-selling games on Switch.

Breath of the Wild

Many loved the game from gamers to leading professionals who are already in the gaming industry for years and invented their own franchise. One among them is Kevin Levine who gave us the Bioshock series. In a recent interaction with Polygon Ken shared his insights about how he found Breath of Wild an outstanding game and on what grounds.

Kevin said “I feel compelled to applaud the people on the Breath of the Wild team not just for their vision, but the courage they had to mess with a time-honored formula. It’s easy to change for the sake of change. It’s really hard to do it right. The victory of Breath of the Wild is multifaceted. You can see it in its nuanced art direction. You can hear it in the meticulous sound design. You can feel it in its tightly tuned systems. But what makes it a masterpiece is that it’s a link to our past, but not a repeat of it.”

You can read the full interview on the source link below, Kevin’s insight is clear that he was touched by Breath of Wild’s attempt to turn into something unique and valuable entertainment for gamers. Kevin shared in detail what made Breath of Wild unique for him. Eiji Aonuma producer of The Legend of Zelda series cleared before that the development of this game focus more on re-thinking the conventions of Zelda. This idea results in innovation of entirely new game which is not linear open-world and also has objective based gameplay. Eiji Aonuma has shared the below statement with the press before.

“Our mission in developing this new Zelda game … is quite plainly to re-think the conventions of Zelda. I’m referring to the expectation that the player is supposed to complete dungeons in a certain order…we want to set aside these conventions, get back to basics and create a newborn Zelda so that the players can best enjoy the real essence of the franchise.”

This makes clear the makers were firm in their decision to break the typecast barrier in creating a milestone.

Source: Polygon