Bridge Constructor Portal Gets PS4 and Xbox One Retail Release


If you’re into solving puzzles and testing your engineering skills, but also aren’t adverse to ridiculous physics that will test your sanity, then the retail version of Bridge Constructor Portal that will be announced on August 28 may be for you. As the name suggests, you’ll be building bridges, ramps, slides and other constructions as part of your job working for the Aperture Science division.

On your way to solving 60 test chambers, scientists must make use of gadgets including portals, propulsion gel, and aerial faith plates to bypass dangers such as sentry turrets, acid pools, and laser barriers. Of course, every move you make will be evaluated and judged by the fair and unbiased GLaDOS. The sarcasm is a lie.

The Bridge Constructor Portal retail package also includes full versions of Bridge Constructor and Bridge Constructor Stunts.

The former puts players in the shoes of an appraised bridge engineer and architect, allowing them to create and design unique constructions. Physics matters in this game as ultimately each of your creation will have to be tested by vehicles.

In Bridge Constructor Stunts, your goal is slightly more relaxed as each of your contraptions will serve to pull off spectacular jumps, stunts, and the inevitable and hilarious disasters when things don’t work out quite as planned.

All three titles are packaged together neatly into a retail box and will hit your favorite retail store on August 28.