Bridge Constructor Portal is Coming to Switch


Clockstone’s Bridge Constructor Portal was released late last year as a Portal spin-off for PC, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS, sparking some interesting discussions about the Valve franchise’s future. But the game is also making history as the first Valve-adjacent product to land on the Nintendo Switch, after release dates for the game’s console launches were announced earlier today.

Bridge Constructor Portal is headed to Nintendo Switch along with Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and the game lands on consoles in less than a month. The game’s Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions will both release on Feb. 28, whereas the PlayStation 4 edition launches March 1. All three games will sell on consoles for $15, which is just $5 more expensive than the game’s Steam edition.

While Valve isn’t publishing or developing Bridge Constructor Portal, ClockStone previously worked with Valve to bring the Portal world to the game. The game tasks players with creating bridges so vehicles can move from one area to another.

It’s an open question as to whether additional Valve licenses will land on the Nintendo Switch, although at the very least, Bridge Constructor Portal is a promising start.