Bryan Cranston Won’t Be Sully In The Uncharted Movie


There have been many rumors about Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston getting involved in the production of the Uncharted movie, mainly in the role of Sully. But those have never been confirmed and, on top of that, pointing at an older version of the script where an adult Nathan Drake was going to be played by Mark Wahlberg.

The script is vastly different from that version and is having Tom Holland as the protagonist, a young Nate who is just getting introduced in the world of thieves as experienced in Uncharted 3 and 4. How does Cranston fit into this new landscape?

Director Dan Trachtenberg has not ruled out his involvement in the project, in a recent interview about the movie. However, he did share that Cranston won’t be Sully, at least at the time being, as casting has not even started for that role.

“Not as Sully, none of that Sully stuff is based in…,” Trachtenberg said. “Bryan Cranston is awesome; it might be cool. But we’re not there yet with that. And all of that stuff is based on an older draft, and older… Actually, frankly, I think that was always rumored. All of that Sully stuff is rumor and based on old stuff.”

He also mentioned that Sully would be a part of the story, but “we have not started any casting talks with me being at the helm. Not to say any of those ideas that have been floating around might be cool ones, but we haven’t engaged in that yet.”

The Uncharted movie received a release date, and you can expect to catch it in theaters on December 18, 2020, if everything goes right.