Bulletstorm Duke Of Switch Announced | PAX East


During Gearbox’s conference at this year’s PAX East, the company revealed that Bulletstorm is coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Bulletstorm is an over-the-top first-person shooter game. Gearbox hinted that there will be news for the game coming in PAX. They previously teased on their social media accounts with a picture of Duke Nukem and Ishi Sato from Bulletstorm together.

Many assumed that the image with Duke Nukem and Ishi is hinting that Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition is being ported over to the Nintendo Switch. In the Full Clip Edition, Duke Nukem is a playable character.

On the first day of PAX East this year, Gearbox Software had a panel. Early in the panel, they officially announced a version of Bulletstorm for the Nintendo Switch. Called Bulletstorm Duke of Switch, the main piece of information is that it is coming to the Switch in the Summer, and Duke Nukem is playable. It is presumed that Duke of Switch is a direct port of the Full Clip Edition.