Denied! Bungie Disables the Dynamo Armor Modification in Destiny 2


Destiny 2 received an update today called Season of Dawn. It’s a brand new season with plenty of activities for you to engage with your friends and other Guardians.

The update introduced several changes, and a notable addition was removing the stacking restriction tied to the Dynamo armor modification. The modification allows a Guardian to decrease their super cooldown while using a class ability, allowing them to use their ultimate ability more frequently.

However, the update did not receive the exact change the developers, Bungie, had intended. When a player stacked this void-based armor modification to their gear, they could instantly summon their ultimate and continually generate the attack.

Learning about the issue, Bungie jumped in quickly to disable the modification. Players can freely equip the item without any benefits at this time, so when you attach it to a Guardian’s armor, you don’t receive anything from using it. Bungie will add in a hotfix to adequately correct the issue and ensure this doesn’t happen again.