Bungie wants “to reach players on iOS and Android” with new mobile game engine

Gaming on the go could be your “destiny.”

Image via Bungie

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Bungie is always working on Destiny 2; Season 17 is bringing big changes to Glaives and all other primary weapons. There are additional projects behind the scenes of course, and Bungie has a plan to bring its game engine to mobile devices.

A new job listing for a senior mobile platforms engineer (spotted by TheGamePost) spells it out. It asks, “Are you excited to evolve Bungie‚Äôs internal game engine to support mobile platforms?” There’s an official Destiny 2 companion app, but Bungie has never developed a flagship, mobile-first game. Seeing as most of the listing talks about specific requirements like C++, it gives no indication of what such a game would entail. It does name target platforms, however. Bungie is hiring someone to “extend the technology that [its] games rely on to reach players on iOS and Android mobile platforms.”

Mobile games aren’t the only new venture for Bungie. Earlier this year, the company hired League of Legends animation director Derick Tsai to make Destiny movies and TV series. Tsai’s role is to “extend the [Destiny] IP into film, TV, animation, books, comics, and audio formats.” Bungie really loves “extending” its games, huh.

More funding from Sony will certainly help with that. The PlayStation juggernaut is set to acquire Bungie for $3.6 billion. It’s a move that will “considerably accelerate” its multiplatform plans according to Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan. In Bungie’s case, those multiple platforms now include mobile devices.