Burnout Paradise HD Remaster Edition Coming in March 2018


Open-world racing game Burnout Paradise HD Remaster is coming exclusively for PS4 in Japan this year around March 16, 2018. The game was first published in the year 2008 for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. At the end of last year, there was a rumor about the HD edition of this game.

Burnout Paradise HD Remaster

The news was first published by Gematsu, official link is provided at the end of this news. As per the published news, the game will cost around 4,104 yen. There is not much info on the game released yet. The HD remaster edition is announced but an official release date is not yet confirmed, speculations are that it will be coming somewhere in the month of March. The above date is published by the source.

Burnout Paradise is set in an open world environment where players can participate in various races to progress. The previous edition also has a multiplayer mode, the HD remaster edition might have everything from its predecessors along with some additions.

It is pretty sure that there is a Remaster HD edition that will be releasing this year, but the info about new content is not available. It is also unclear whether the game will support 4K or HDR on PS4 Pro. Ample of games have been switching towards ultra-high-end graphics to offer more immersive experience to the gamers. As it is a Remaster HD edition there are max chances that the game can somewhere touch these ultra-graphic settings.