Burnout Paradise Remastered Isn’t Getting Microtransactions


Burnout Paradise Remastered is on its way for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on March 16, with a PC launch planned for later down the road. And while the current-gen remake promises plenty of graphical updates, there’s one 2018 feature that won’t make the cut: microtransactions.

After fans stumbled across a store listing for Burnout Paradise Remastered that mentioned “in-game purchases optional,” EA’s global community engagement manager Ben Walke┬árevealed that the option was listed in error, and that microtransactions aren’t coming to the game.

“There [are] no [microtransactions] or any other additional paid for content,” Walke tweeted. “Pitch forks down please.”

But the metaphorical pitch forks have been raised for a good reason.

EA has a troubling track record with in-game purchases. After the company praised “live service” options as an opportunity to maximize profit, fans have since worried that EA will insert microtransactions into as many titles as possible. Star Wars Battlefront II brought the issue out into the open after fans complained that EA’s loot box system was essentially forcing players to spend additional money on microtransactions in order to enjoy the game’s core features.

It’s unclear if EA learned from Battlefront II’s woes. But with fans worried that Dragon Age 4 will suffer the same fate, the gaming publisher will have to work hard to win back gamers’ trust.

H/T PC Gamer