Yogscast Caff Dropped After Sexual Harassment Allegations

Yogscast cut ties with YouTuber and streamer Matthew Meredith, or “Caff,” following allegations of sexual harassment and abuse from members of his moderation team and fans.

Reported by InfluencerUpdate.biz, Caff’s moderation team received reports from eight women over the last three days regarding Caff’s behavior. While the details are kept private for their protection, the entire team condemned Caff’s actions and resigned on the spot in an announcement from a moderator by the name of Mighty Claw.

According to Mighty Claw, Caff used his position as “a point of coercion and control” in pursuing sexual relationships with women in his community. While they’re all just now coming to light, the team believes he has been “abusing his position” for the last three years.

Mighty Claw referenced Caff’s desire to hire women that were “inactive” in the community or unqualified for the position. If hired, these women were later among those abused, leading Mighty Claw to conclude that Caff requested them purely to “gain additional access to these members in a closer environment to be able to more easily groom them for his sexual motivations.”

Following the announcement and resignation from his moderation team, Yogscast executives responded to the allegations on Reddit. The team reviewed the code of conduct and stated: “Having reviewed the evidence and carefully considered this situation, we have concluded that Caff’s conduct is a material breach of our talent agreements and code of conduct that results in us terminating his relationship with the Yogscast effective immediately.”

As a result, they removed his channel from their affiliated list and the upcoming YogCon.

Caff himself hasn’t responded to the allegations. His Twitter account has been removed or deleted, evading many tags from angry fans and eager reporters alike. Nothing has gone on his YouTube channel regarding the revelations.