Activision Hints At Possible Battle Royale Implementation For Future Call of Duty Games


Battle Royale games have become the talk of the town lately, even though big publishers and developers are yet to get into the genre. It is indeed dominated by two ‘outsiders’ like Bluehole and Epic Games, and companies like Activision and Electronic Arts, which have the most popular shooters in their portfolio, are yet to dive into the, well, battle royale.

That could change in a matter of six months to one year, as we’ve already reported that EA is looking into the thing and might possibly add something like that in the next Battlefield (which is said to be Battlefield 2, releasing later this year).

Call of Duty 2019 Could Launch With Battle Royale Mode

On top of that, a news broke today about the interest expressed by Activision into the genre during a recent financial briefing. The Call of Duty publisher is indeed “keenly aware” of the popularity of Battle Royale, and might have something to say in the future.

“The investment firm says Activision is keenly aware of how other game publishers have recently benefited from releasing titles in the popular battle royale genre,” reports the Dow Jones Newswire. “Management reminded investors that the company is a faster follower.”

Sure enough, a battle royale mode or standalone branded Call of Duty game would easily and quickly become the most played around. Anyway, it must be noted that battle royale titles currently are offered in the third person, while CoD’s always been in first.

PUBG has a first-person mode server, so it might serve as a sample of what the developer in charge would be required to do. But even in that case, Call of Duty has a more arcade flavor, so it’d need to be much different from that. How would you like it, in case?