Call of Duty 2019 Has Been Shown At A Private Event, Is Reportedly Modern Warfare 4


As we get closer and closer to the announce window for the next Call of Duty, which should be around May, we have some new clues at what it could be.

Activision and Infinity Ward have hosted a private event where “Call of Duty partners” have been invited to give the game the first look and even play a bit of it.

American footballers Riley Ridley, Tajae Sharpe, and N’Keal Harry have shared photos on their social media profiles to show that they’ve attended the event.

While they haven’t revealed anything particular about what the game is going to be like, they indeed confirmed that they played a portion of it at the event.

“Just had the opportunity to play the SUPER COOL NEW CALL OF DUTY in Nashville,” said one of them on Instagram, making no mystery about what he has played over there in Texas.

Another of them has added on Twitter that he gave “the early look at this year’s game!!!,” with a giant Call of Duty logo behind his shoulders.

As said, no details have slipped from the event but a video has popped up on the net showing those guys playing the game, and according to Reddit users this clip is giving away a few hints.

In the video, you can reportedly hear the words “killstreaks” and “Modern Warfare 4,” which would going to hint at the fact that MW4 could be the next title in the franchise.

This is not the first time a rumor about Modern Warfare 4 show up on the Internet, and last time we heard about it, we learned that it is not going to feature a battle royale mode and is coming complete with a story mode instead.

We’ll share more on that topic as soon as Activision and Infinity Ward spill the beans about the next Call of Duty game, which should happen in around one month.