Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Officially Announced


Every year you get one year older. Every year there is a new Call of Duty game. Some things are just constant, and nothing can stop them. Today, via a social media blitz, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 was officially announced. The follow up to 2015’s Black Ops 3, little is known about the game beyond some images of the ghastly logo.

The last Call of Duty game saw them drop the futuristic themes and return to World War 2. From a 30 second snippet on the official Call of Duty twitter, we can see that this one will return to a more futuristic setting. Expect guns that do most of the work for you, and movement mechanics that stray from the “boots on the ground” roots of the series. There is also a nod to the series’ much loved Zombies mode.

We do know that a community reveal event will take place on May 17. We also know that the release date for the game will be October 12. That last part is interesting, as Call of Duty titles will traditionally release in November. It would appear that the release date may have been shuffled to avoid losing ground to Read Dead Redemption 2, which releases at the end of October. Probably a smart move.

The Call of Duty series is a consistent unit mover for Activision. An array of DLC options, loot boxes, and microtransactions have made the series all the more profitable in recent years. As such, it does make sense for Activision to make this particular move.

So, humble reader, are you excited for the latest installment to the mega-selling series, or will you be letting this one pass you by?