Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Kicks Off Its First Season Just In Time For the Holidays


Infinity Ward posted a glimpse at the first season of content for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. It launches Dec. 3 to all platforms.

The developer has provided detail on what to expect with the first season — and there’s a lot.

Call of Duty Season 1

First off, there’s the return of some classic maps. They’re detailed below:

  • Crash (Multiplayer Map): The iconic Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare map has returned with all the flanking routes and action-packed rooftop encounters you remember.
  • Vacant (Multiplayer Map): An abandoned office, previously visited in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, leads to intense interior combat across the complex.
  • Shipment (Multiplayer and Gunfight Map): The classic Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare map where fast and frantic action reigns supreme.

Also, three new modes will be available: Gunfight On-Site Procurement (OPS), Infected, and Reinforcement. Gunfight OPS will put players in action without a weapon, which they’ll be forced to track down. Infected is a survival-based mode, in which players must avoid being turned sick by rival players before time runs out. Finally, there’s Reinforce, which serves as “a hybrid of Dom and S&D, a single-life mode with both teams competing for control of three flags.

Other maps in the update include:

  • Port (Ground War Map): Battle across massive shipping crates, cranes, buildings, and streets in this unique Ground War map experience.
  • Cargo (Gunfight Map): An open-roof storage vessel for shipping containers, on docks of London.
  • Atrium (Gunfight Map): The centerpiece of a Verdansk palace, still intact despite the conflict raging nearby.

For those into Spec-Ops Experiences, four more will be ready to go:

  • Bomb Squad: Forces still loyal to Barkov have planted explosives around the city of Al-Raab. You’re here to defuse the situation.
  • Grounded: Enemies have seized Barkov’s former airbase. Engage and eliminate them.
  • Pitch Black: Infiltrate Barkov’s former estate and recover all required intel before an exfill in a Tactical Rover.
  • Just Reward: Your squad targets the head of an enemy financial operation, hacking his data centers, and gaining intel.

The season will also bring two new weapons to the table — the Ram-7 and the Holder-26.

More details are available here. But it’s beginning to look a lot like Modern Warfare dominance.