Call of Duty Modern Warfare Narrative Director On ‘Highway Of Death’ Controversy


Over the last few hours, we’ve seen a lot of controversy about the story campaign of Call of Duty Modern Warfare, which has reportedly attributed to the Russian military a tragic event that has happened because of Western forces’ actions during the Gulf War.

According to narrative director Taylor Kurosaki, the ‘Highway of Death’ mission was only a way to take “a real-world event and [flip] the script in the same breath.”

“I think you could probably find many instances of the words ‘highway of death’ being used in a lot of cases,” Kurosaki told GamesRadar+.

“The reason why Urzikstan is a fictional country is because we are taking themes that we see played over and over and over and over again, over the last 50 years, in countries all over the world and locations all over the world. We’re not making a simulation of one particular country or one conflict. These are themes that play out over and over again and with a lot of the same players involved. We don’t portray any one side as good or bad”.

“In our game, there are American characters who betray the trust of other characters in the story. Some middle-easterners resort to tactics you wouldn’t think are above-board,” he remarked about the fact that the game is also about Western forces not acting very ethically.

“There’s also characters that are from the same region that you think are more morally just — same thing for Russian characters. We have Russian antagonists and Russian heroes in this game, and again that was our goal. This is not some sort of propaganda. This is reporting on what is happening in these conflict zones … And the biggest victims of these proxy wars are the local people on the ground … And I think that this is a thing that we’re building awareness for.”

It’s fascinating to read the reason which led Infinity Ward to act like this, but are you convinced about them? Let us know what you think about that.