Modern Warfare Real-Money Marketplace Selling Bundles That Include Items Earned Free Through Gameplay


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare fans have noticed something fishy in the game’s marketplace. Apparently, a handful of items showing up in the daily rotation that players pay for using COD points, which equates to real money, are actually available for free in the game’s Season 1 Battle Pass.

The daily rotation features a new series of cosmetic items every day. A notable pack available in the store is the Royal Armor Bundle. The bundle costs $14, or 1,400 COD points, and after purchasing it, players earn several in-game items. One of them is a gun charm called Blade of Valor. However, players noticed that completing in-game challenges also rewards them the gun charm.

Paying $14 for a bundle with something players can earn by playing the game doesn’t feel great. Fans have shown quite a bit of outrage regarding this, among other changes, Infinity Ward has implemented in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Infinity Ward has said in the past that it does not plan to make modifications based on public outcry, and instead remains mostly silent about the community’s thoughts.

Despite Infinity Ward not bending to fan’s opinions, it has struggled to keep fans playing, and it took actions to make it easier by learning what the community wanted through a recent survey. Fans took to Reddit to share the survey, surprised Infinity Ward included items like, “if match balance issues were resolved,” “if spawn logic issues in multiplayer maps were resolved,” and, “if progression issues were resolved.”

Infinity Ward may want to add “if marketplace logic issues were resolved” to the survey, if additional free in-game items make their way to so-called exclusive, real-world-money bundles.