Death of 28 Years Kansas Man Over Call of Duty Wager


A dispute between two Call of Duty players leads to the death of a 28-year-old man in Wichita, Kansas over a $1.5 wager. The man was identified as Andrew Finch and he left behind two children. His mother spoke with the local news outlet in a video. She stated in the video that she had never heard of a swatting before and also said that Andrew Finch did not play video games.

Call of Duty Swathing Prank Gone Wrong

The two players got into an argument over a UMG Wager online after a loss in the match. And during that one of them provided the other with a fake address of his. And the player to whom the fake address was given, sent the address to a known Swatter, and reportedly the same swatter who had called in a fake bomb threat at the CWL Dallas event early December this year. This Swatter called in a fake scenario to the local police. Swatting is prevalent over the Call of Duty community. There have been numerous incidents reported where the police are called to a fake situation.

The site on which the $1.5 was waged, UMG, said that they will provide any information necessary to the police.

The officer who took the shot has been placed under paid administrative leave as the investigation continues on what really happened. According to the police chief Troy Livingston, “It was a shooting call involving hostages. The original call, we were told someone had an argument with their mother and dad was accidentally shot. And now that person was holding mother, brother and sister hostage. We learned through that call that a father was deceased, and had been shot in the head. That was the information we were working off of.”

The police said, at that time they were working off according to the information that they were given. And are now working on if it was a prank call.

“We were given some misinformation on the (original) call,” the police chief said. “We got a call that someone was deceased in the residence and that proved not to be true. Also, we’re still trying to determine who was the hostages and how that unfolded as well.”

The two CoD players who caused this were identified as Miruhcle and Baperizer. They have currently deleted their Twitter accounts and the swatter has changed his twitter user account to a different username. Thanks to CoD pro-player Christopher Duarte who provided some insight over the matter.

Another pro player, FaZe Clan’s ZooMaa. Shared information regarding the swatter. ZooMaa said he has already contacted the police about the individual for his own safety.