Capcom is keen on reaching into its back catalog for additional remakes


It looks like Capcom is interested in pushing out additional remakes and re-releases of games from its massive collection of older titles. A comment from its latest financial report notes that, depending on how Resident Evil 2’s upcoming remake performs, it may be followed up by additional titles of the same cadre—although it isn’t immediately clear if this includes more Resident Evil remakes. 

This tidbit comes as part of an answer to an investor’s query about the projected sales for Resident Evil 2. Capcom anticipates that the game will be one of its biggest releases for the fiscal year, jumping into the “million-seller” range. 

“Further, regarding remakes and re-releases of titles in our back catalog, we expect to explore these further with a variety of properties as a part of our strategy to utilize our library of IP,” Capcom said.

The venerable company shook the gaming community when it originally announced a ground-up remake of Resident Evil 2—and then footage was on display at E3 2018. But there are still numerous entries in the Capcom catalogue that are also deserving of remakes, much like the rest of the Resident Evil series that hasn’t already been given the proper treatment.

This is the first full remake since Resident Evil, released 16 years ago in 2002. It took only six years for Capcom to revisit that game and give it a fresh coat of paint, but perhaps the additional time in the oven (conceptually and in development) will give Resident Evil the edge it needs to succeed.