Capcom to release four “big” games during upcoming fiscal year, according to insider

Two of these games will be Resident Evil titles, including the previously announced Resident Evil 3 Remake.


Image via Capcom

Capcom and Resident Evil insider AestheticGamer, also known as Dusk Golem, took to Twitter to post some new teasers for fans. There have been rumors flying around for a while about the possibility of a new Resident Evil game releasing soon, and Dusk Golem addressed this topic in their tweets.

Apparently, Capcom is planning on releasing a few big games within the new fiscal year (from April 2020 to March 2021), which they are expecting to bring in “big earnings.” There are five titles tipped to release during that 12-month period, including a medium-sized game that will not be “on the same scale as the other four releases.”

Two of these five releases are going to be Resident Evil titles, according to Dusk Golem. We already know that one of these will be the upcoming Resident Evil 3 remake, but the other, along with the other two unannounced games, is still a mystery. 

However, AestheticGamer confirmed that the unnamed Resident Evil game will not be a Code Veronica remake, as some rumors suggested. In fact, Code Veronica is “not even pre-production” right now. The insider’s tweet also informed fans that a Dino Crisis game was in development a few years ago before being “scrapped and buried,” leaving the franchise “extinct.”

Although none of this has been officially confirmed by Capcom, Dusk Golem has a fairly good track record with their news in the past, especially when it comes to Resident Evil games. They stated that we should be hearing about this from Capcom in their quarterly financial report, which is coming up soon. 

You can also preorder the Resident Evil 3 remake now, which is releasing on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on April 3.