How to catch bugs in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp


Catching bugs in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is simple, just like it is in the regular Animal Crossing games. And in the campsite, there are tons of bugs around for catching.

You can only find bugs thus far on Sunburst Island. Once you’re there, your Animal Crossing character will automatically take out the bug-catching net—there’s nothing special you have to do to equip it. Once it’s out, approach a bug you want to catch and tap it with your finger. Your Animal Crossing character will approach it slowly, and an exclamation point will eventually pop on the screen. Once you see that, tap the screen. If your timing is correct, you’ll have caught the bug you were after.

Tapping the screen too early or too late will cause the bug to scurry away. Another way to catch bugs it to find the tree stump towards the top of the island and to fill it with honey. Each time this is done, a number of bugs will be caught.

There are seven types of bugs in Pocket Camp, each with its own rarity.

  • Tiger butterfly (common)
  • Monarch butterfly (common)
  • Emperor butterfly (very rare)
  • Fruit beetle (common)
  • Jewel beetle (very rare)
  • Miyama stag (very rare)
  • Horned dynastid (rare)

Lots of the animals in Pocket Camp often want you to catch bugs for them, so it’s always good to have a decent supply of them on hand.