Catch Shiny Wingull during Pokémon Go’s final Global Challenge event

Pokémon GO

Image via Niantic

The final event of Pokémon Go’s Summer Tour 2018 takes place this weekend in Yokosuka, Japan, offering players the opportunity to catch rare Pokémon in three of Yokosuka’s parks. This event introduces Shiny Wingull to Pokémon Go, and players worldwide will have a chance to catch this new Pokémon variant with increased spawns to help them out.

The Summer Tour started at the end of June with Safari Zone Dortmund, continued with Chicago’s Pokémon Go Fest 2018, and will finally come to a close with Safari Zone Yokosuka.

Players worldwide are able to participate in Global Challenges, meeting specific goals in Pokémon Go in order to unlock Legendary Pokémon raid battles. This latest and final Global Challenge takes place on Sept. 1 and 2, challenging players in different regions to complete 5,000,000 Research Tasks. If all goals are met, a special event will begin on Sept. 3 at 1 PM PDT, unlocking bonuses to Stardust gains from catching Pokémon, hatching eggs, and participating in Raid Battles!

Image via Niantic, Inc.

An additional bonus can be unlocked until Sept. 10 at 1 PM PDT, offering players the opportunity to earn Star Pieces lasting one hour (regularly lasting only 30 minutes). Star Pieces increase Stardust rewards by 50% from all sources, so this event will provide a great opportunity to stock up on Stardust. Both of the previous Global Challenges were easily met, so players can expect to take advantage of these bonuses.

Once the Global Challenge has been completed and all goals successfully met, players will receive five additional Raid Passes leading up to a special Moltres Day event, available on Sept. 8. You’ll have only a three hour period in which to battle Moltres in available Gyms, so don’t miss the opportunity to add this Legendary bird, and possibly it’s Shiny variant, to your Pokédex! Moltres caught during this event will know the move Sky Attack. Good luck!