Celeste Chapter 9 DLC Releasing On September 9


The Chapter 9 DLC for Celeste has been given a release date, and it will be free to all owners of the game in all platforms.

Celeste is a platforming, indie video game released last year. The game stars a young woman named Madeline, who is trying to climb to the top of Mt. Celeste. She is accompanied by a dark version of herself labeled as “Part of Me,” who continually berates Madeline during her quest up the mountain.

The game received critical acclaim when it was released, with critics praising the platforming and how the game’s story handles mental illness. The game is available to play on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Matt Thorson, one of the leading developers for the game, revealed on a blog that the upcoming free DLC they promised for the game will be releasing next week. After the game sold 500,000 copies, the developers decided to reward players by offering them free DLC.

The free DLC will be an extra chapter called Chapter 9: Farewell and it will be available in all platforms that the game is released on. Chapter 9 will have over 100 new levels and 40 minutes of new music from the game’s composer, Lena Raine.

To unlock Chapter 9 in the game, players need to beat Chapter 8.

Thorson also reveals that he is retiring Matt Makes Games, the name of the development team that worked on Celeste. Instead, the development team will be rebranded as Extremely OK Games, Ltd.

Chapter 9: Farewell will be available in Celeste on September 9.