Chivalry II is coming in 2020, exclusively to the Epic Games Store | E3 2019


Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is a cult classic title that still has a huge following even seven years after it released.

It appears that the developers have taken what fans loved about the last title and expanded it into a much bigger version with enhanced fighting, interactions, and features.

Chivalry II has been a long time coming, and the developers have confirmed that the sword fighting and weapon combat has been remade from the ground up. They are taking inspiration from the original title, which focused on mastering different classes of warriors to counteract your opponents best. Plus players can ride horses now too.

Enhancing combat is one thing, but it also looks like the world, and the size of the battles has gone up too. The primary battle of the trailer showed around 60 players in the field charging at each other, which is a significant upgrade from the max of 24 players allowed per server in the original.

This announcement was a massive title for streaming games back when content creation was blooming online, so a sequel will probably bring most players back and introduce new users to the medieval arena fighter.

Chivalry II will be joining the Epic Game Store’s exclusive lineup in early 2020.