Chroma Prime Is Coming To Warframe

In Warframe, Primes are the ultimate bling. All shiny and golden, with improved stats when compared to their standard counterparts, Primes offer the ultimate is ass-kicking potential. On a recent community stream with developers Digital Extremes, we got a sneak peek of the upcoming Chroma Prime. To get a wee look at his new form, follow the link over to Twitch.

Chroma was initially released back in 2015, appearing the game as an unusual enemy that had to be fought over multiple missions to claim the Warframe as our own. Chroma has control of the forces of nature and is also able to provide powerful buffs to his allies. I always thought he was a fun Frame to play, but a little awkward and limited before his rework. The character model was also just a bit too clunky for me. A fancy new Prime will be all the reason I need to start running this Warframe again.

As always, we will be getting some new Prime weapons as well. This time, it will be Gram Prime, the enormous sword, and Rubico Prime, the pinnacle of the sniper’s art. It’s great to see another Prime sniper rifle enter the game, as hunting the massive Eidolons is now one of the most played activities in the game, solid snipers are always in demand.

So, will this be enough to make you mix up your usual play style, or will you be sticking to what you know? For those who haven’t even gotten Chroma yet, I do feel it can be a fun Warframe to play, and the new Prime version will undoubtedly be worth taking a look at.