The staff for Chrono Trigger’s Steam version is hearing your complaints loud and clear


Chrono Trigger was recently given a surprise Steam release, much to the delight of PC users. Unfortunately, joy quickly turned to disappointment as fans realized that the game wasn’t an enhanced port so much as a lazy port of the mobile version, which buyers were previously upset by as well. 

The game’s release on Tuesday helped unleash a torrent of dissatisfaction from buyers who paid the $14.99 entry fee, which is high considering that the game was broken and riddled with problems when it released on mobile devices. The team responsible for this version of the game has been pretty silent about the whole thing thus far, but has since released a statement about the situation.

“Hi everyone, thank you for the feedback you’ve shared so far regarding Chrono Trigger.

We wanted to let you know that we are reading and listening to your messages and are aware of all of the issues that you’ve raised, which we are currently assessing. Please keep an eye on the Steam page for further information.”

The team has been is apparently working toward a possible solution right now for the problems fans have had with the game so far. So the bizarre design decisions with sprite, touch screen controls still being visible, and that awful font may possibly be addressed. Hopefully this isn’t the end of the road for such a fantastic game on PC.