Civilization VI: Rise and Fall Brings the Cree


There’s a new civilization coming to Sid Meier’s Civilization VI, and this one hails from North America. Firaxis has introduced the Cree, a new civilization in the Rise and Fall expansion pack. And Poundmaker serves as the civilization’s leader.

The Cree are one of several First Nations originally living in North America before European colonization began. Among the Cree, most are found in what is now known as modern-day Canada. The Cree have their own language and are the largest First Nations throughout Canada, with over 200,000 living in the nation. They also have a lengthy history intertwined with the federal Canadian government, including strife between the two.

For Civilization VI: Rise and Fall, the Cree will be led by Chief Pîhtokahanapiwiyin, also known as Chief Poundmaker by the English. In his day, Poundmaker led the Plains Cree during the mid-19th century, at a time when racist sentiments against the First Nations from the Canadian government remained as high as ever. He helped maintain peace as a Cree leader, despite antagonism from the Canadian government.

The Cree’s unveiling also demonstrated some of the civilization’s unique abilities. For one, the Nîhithaw lets the civilization gain its first trade route after researching pottery. That means the first time a Trader enters unclaimed land within three tiles of a Cree settlement, the land becomes Cree territory. There’s also the Mekewap unique improvement, giving settlements Housing, Production, Gold, and Food bonuses based on its construction.

Along with that, the Cree also receives the Okihtcitaw unit, which replaces the Scout with advanced combat strength. And Poundmaker brings “Favorable Terms” to the Cree, improving Food from trade routes as well as providing visibility from other diplomatic alliances.

Trading plays a major role in the Cree’s success, along with diplomatic strength. And players will get to put the Cree’s new abilities to the test when Civilization VI: Rise and Fall launches for PC on Feb. 8, 2018.

H/T PCGamesN