Civilization VI: Rise and Fall Introduces Georgia and Tamar


Shortly after Firaxis and 2K previewed the Cree civilization and India’s new leader, yet another civilization has been introduced for Sid Meier’s Civilization VI’s Rise and Fall expansion pack. Tamar is leading Georgia into the game next month, bringing a new civilization built on religious influence and Golden Ages.

In a preview trailer released earlier today, Firaxis describes Tamar of Georgia as a leader known for her “diplomatic prowess” and “support of the arts,” which is pretty evident by her new civilization. Georgia has the “Strength in Unity” ability, where any time the civilization changes eras during a Golden Age, additional bonuses are granted alongside the Golden Age’s initial improvements.

In short, this means Golden Ages are more important than ever when playing as Georgia, and the civilization promises both more Golden Ages as well as abilities that help maintain their length.

There’s also the “Tsikhe” building, built at a low production cost and providing Faith while replacing Renaissance Walls. And there’s the Khevsureti, a melee unit that isn’t penalized while moving across hills. Rather, hilly landscapes give the unit major Combat bonuses, making otherwise unideal regions beneficial to players.

Oh, and there’s Tamar’s ability, “Glory of the World, Kingdom, and Faith.” Launching a Protectorate War gives players additional faith during a war’s beginning, along with free Envoys to city states that practice her religion.

Tamar and Georgia head to Civilization VI with the game’s upcoming expansion pack, Rise and Fall, on Feb. 8. In the meantime, consider firing up Civilization V to check out the University of Cambridge’s new superintelligence mod.

H/T PCGamer