The next Clash Royale balance update goes live on Aug. 6


Several buffs and nerfs are coming to some popular cards in the next balance update for Clash Royale.

Most notably, a few tanky air units can be knocked back by spells like Giant Snowball and Fireball. This includes the Inferno Dragon, Baby Dragon, and Balloon. Epic hopes that the removal of knock back immunity on these cards will create “a wider spell diversity.” Inferno Dragon will also receive a small nerf in the form of a 0.5 tile range decrease, while Baby Dragon’s hit speed will become 0.1 seconds faster.

While those three cards are losing their knock back immunity, Cannon Cart is gaining this resistance. The Cannon’s lifetime is also being increased by 10 seconds, and this card will transform into the Cannon faster after its cart is destroyed.

Other buffs in this update include the Royal Hogs’ first attack becoming faster by an unspecified amount and Knight’s damage being increased by five percent. “This improved blade with allow him to cleave Goblins in a single blow, increasing his usefulness against Goblin Gang and Barrel,” Supercell said. “This should provide a more compelling alternative to Valkyrie for low cost decks.”

While those ground units are receiving buffs, some defensive cards are getting hit with nerfs in this balance update. The Tesla’s lifetime is dropping from 40 to 35 seconds and its hit speed is becoming 0.1 seconds slower. This card had a “higher use rate than all the other defensive towers combined,” according to Supercell—so the developer hopes these nerfs will “open up deck slots for the other towers.”

Speaking of towers, the Bomb Tower will see some big changes next week. Its elixir cost is being decreased from five to four, but its lifetime will drop from 40 to 35 seconds and its hitpoints will be lowered by 33 percent. “Dropping the cost down to four while keeping the damage the same should make it a reasonable counter to Hog Rider, Battle Ram, and more,” Supercell said.

The last change coming in this balance update doesn’t impact an actual card. The damage of your King Tower is being increased to match that of the Princess Towers in an “ongoing attempt to standardize the interactions across the game.”

All of these buffs and nerfs will likely have an impact on the current Clash Royale meta, so players will need to adapt and adjust their decks accordingly. This balance update is set to go live in Clash Royale on Aug. 6.