Rascals and Mortar nerfs, Witch and Bomber buffs for Clash Royale next week

Some fan-favorite cards are receiving buffs and nerfs in the next Clash Royale balance update on July 2.

Most notably, both components of the Rascals card are being nerfed. The Rascal Boy will have his hitpoints decreased by 5.3 percent, while the Rascal Girls’ first attacks will be slower.

“Rascals provide too much value for their cost, and we wanted to give them a trim without destroying what makes the card so useful,” Supercell said on Reddit. “The Boy will take fewer hits to kill and Girls will take a bit longer to wind up their slingshots.”

The Mortar is also receiving some substantial nerfs—its area damage will be decreased by 3.5 percent and its hitpoints will be lowered by four percent. Other minor nerfs include the Mega Minion’s hit speed becoming .1 seconds slower and Goblins’ hitpoints will receive a one-percent decrease. This last nerf is meant to fix a “rounding error” that will allow Minions to two-hit Goblins at every level, according to Supercell.

This balance update won’t be all doom and gloom, however. Witch is getting some much-needed buffs, along with a slight nerf to her hit speed, which will be .3 seconds slower. But more importantly, Witch will see a 17-percent increase in her hitpoints and she’ll spawn Skeletons two seconds faster. Supercell said that these changes will make her “a tough Skeleton summoner” and “a unique support troop to hide behind tanks.”

Additional buffs feature Fire Spirits receiving a five-percent increase in their area damage and Bomber’s range will be increased by .5 tiles. Fire Spirits and Bomber are both powerful, low-elixir options, so many Clash Royale players will be excited about these buffs.

You have a few days to prepare for all of these changes, though—this balance update won’t go live in Clash Royale until Monday, July 2.