The latest Clash Royale balance update will go live on June 4

Nine cards are being buffed or nerfed in the upcoming balance update for Clash Royale.

One of the most significant nerfs will affect the Goblin Hut—it’s lifetime on the map will be reduced from one minute to 50 seconds. Spear Goblins are getting a 34 percent damage buff, but two nerfs to the card involve their hit speed being slowed down by .5 seconds and their first attack becoming slower by an unspecified amount.

The Battle Ram isn’t receiving a statistical nerf in this balance update, but cards like The Log or Barbarian Barrel will be able to knock it back. The Royal Ghost will also receive a somewhat substantial nerf—its invisibility delay will be increased by .4 seconds. Finally, one of the strongest defensive units in the game, the Ice Golem, will see a five-percent decrease in its hitpoints.

There are plenty of buffs in this balance update, though. The Mega Knight’s jump and spawn damage is being increased by 23 percent, but his area damage will be decreased by 7.5 percent. Barbarians’ hit speed will become faster by .1 seconds, while Wizard and Valkyrie are both receiving pretty big buffs. Valkyrie’s hitpoints are being increased by seven percent, and her first attack will be faster. Wizard, on the other hand, is getting a two-percent increase to his area damage and a 25-percent increase to his area damage radius.

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All of these changes will likely have an impact on the current Clash Royale meta, so players will need to adapt and adjust their decks accordingly. This balance update is set to go live in Clash Royale on June 4.