Clean toilets, climb ladders, and choose spawn points when Airship comes to Among Us

Get ready to serve on the Top Hat Airship.


Image via InnerSloth

Yesterday developer InnerSloth officially revealed the new map coming to Among Us in early 2021. The Top Hat Airship. Apart from providing a brand new space to complete tasks and be murdered in, the map introduces some new mechanics to the game.

The new map was hinted at in the game’s roadmap last month as a “Henry Stickmin Collection” themed area. It doesn’t get more iconic than this. The trailer shows off some of the new cosmetics you’ll be able to earn, many of which are inspired by characters from this location in the Henry Stickmin Collection. 

This fourth map for Among Us should provide players with a wealth of new content to explore and earn when there’s little else coming out in early 2021.

Not so shortcuts

The Airship map has multiple levels, meaning players will need to navigate between areas using multiple paths. In the example shown, a ladder provides quick access to the floor below and a shortcut to the other side of the map. However, Imposters can use this to their advantage, cutting the shortcut off when Crewmates need it most to prevent sabotage from destroying the Airship.

Choose your spawn point

After each meeting, players can choose to spawn in one of three locations. This will drastically change each match. No longer is it possible to follow a suspicious Crewmate after they say something fishy in a meeting. On the other hand, it’s also going to be much harder to track Crewmates down as the Imposter if they’re teleporting all over the place.

Far from the same old tasks

Finally, it’s also worth noting that this map has brand new tasks to take on. In the trailer, we get to see someone polishing a ruby in the Vault. Other new jobs include putting away rifles in the Armory, cleaning the toilet in the lounge, and resetting breakers in Electrical.