Cloud Gaming Is The “Next Revolution,” Says David Cage

 Cloud Gaming Is The “Next Revolution,” Says David Cage

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In a recent interview, Quantic Dream’s David Cage discussed his ideas about cloud gaming. He shared his opinion on how streaming is the future of video games and his hopes that every significant player in the industry goes for it sooner or later.

Cage said what is compelling about cloud gaming is that you don’t need a high spec machine to get the best looking version of a title. The best version runs on every device possible, like a mobile phone.

“Games are going to look stunning no matter what screen you play on, and developers will only have to focus on one platform, which means that dev money will go into quality instead of compatibility,” Cage told Dualshockers.

But, the road ahead to make cloud gaming an alternative or even a staple in the industry is rather long. Despite being implemented by giants like Microsoft and Google this year already, he admits.

“Of course, there are many obstacles along the way before all this becomes a reality, and technology may not be the most challenging one,” Cage said. “Business model and revenue sharing are still major questions to answer before the entire industry can migrate to cloud play.”

However, this doesn’t change his conviction that “cloud play is going to be the next revolution in gaming.”