Combat Mods Coming to The Walking Dead: Road to Survival

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Over the past few months, Scopely has been busy improving the quality of play in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival and it’s getting ready to add another major feature to the game. We will take a look at what we can expect below.

Combat Mods

Currently being tested in beta form is the new feature of Combat Mods that will be introduced in update 12.0.0. These unique combat mods will be available to be equipped to your characters, increasing their stats or giving them new abilities.

Combat Mods Coming to The Walking Dead: Road to Survival
Combat Mods • Scopely • Fair Use

Combat Mod Categories

Combat Mods are separated into four different categories which have a different set of effects.

  • Stat mods: These mods can be used to increase your characters’ attack, defense, hit points, or critical hit chance.
  • Trait mods: These mods can be used to modify your characters’ attack or defence advantages versus specific traits.
  • Resistance mods: These mods provide your character a chance to nullify combat effects like, stun, impair, bleed, and confusion.
  • Auxiliary mods: These mods grant your characters unique effects on defense and basic attacks.

While these mods are separated in to categories, only certain characters can equip them. Four star characters and higher can equip stat, trait, and resistance mods. Auxiliary mods are reserved for five star characters and higher.

Six star characters are granted an additional slot called the Wildcard Slot. The Wildcard Slot allows you to equip any category of mod as long as it does not duplicate a specific effect. A character can only equip one set of mods at a time.

Combat Mod Rarities

Like with everything in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival, mods are broken down in to three different rarity types; bronze, silver, and gold. Rarity affects the mod’s effect as follows:

  • Every mod starts with a base affect value that increases as you level the mod up to its max level of 15
  • Bonus affect values are unlocked for every mod at levels, 5, 10, and 15. Bonus values are randomly generated with higher potential values for higher rarity mods.

Leveling Combat Mods

Just like characters, mods can be leveled up using a new item called Mod Scrap. Mod Scrap can be obtained by converting materials in the machine shop. You can also obtain Mod Scrap by dismantling any unwanted mods you have in your inventory. Mod Scrap will also be used to unequip any mod you have attached to a character.

Combat Mods Coming to The Walking Dead: Road to Survival
Mod Scrap • Scopely • Fair Use

When leveling up a mod, your attempt to level it up is not guaranteed, just like crafting a special stat on a weapon. Successful level ups become more difficult at higher level mods.

Set Bonuses

Set bonuses are obtained when you equip three or more Combat Mods of the same set on a character. These set bonuses will increase if you equip additional mods with the same set bonuses. This includes higher rarity mods as well. The four different set bonuses are attack, defense, hit points, and critical damage.

How To Get Combat Mods

After reading all of this, you’re probably wondering where you can get your hands on these mods. Combat Mods will be given out as rewards in events and obtained through special roadmaps. You will also be able to purchase them in the in-game store through offers.

Combat mods aren’t expected anytime soon as the developers are taking their time with perfecting them in beta form. We will most likely see Update 12.0.0 sometime later this month if everything goes smoothly. Some players are afraid that this new feature could break the game entirely due to hackers trying to get the best mods right off the bat. Here’s to hoping that doesn’t happen.