Control Roadmap Reveals Photomode, New Game Mode, And Two Expansions


Remedy has revealed the upcoming content for their latest game, Control, in a blog post to the game’s official website. If, like me, you fell in love with the game’s gorgeous aesthetic and delightfully New-Weird.

Control Content Roadmap

Great news for fans of the game’s amazing lighting and gorgeous interiors are first because a Photo Mode will be coming this Fall. After that, December will see the arrival of a new Game mode.

In December, we will release a new game mode for Control that we are currently calling Expeditions. This will be a challenging new end-game mode in which Jesse must help Security Chief Arish explore the mysterious Formation and its strange surroundings. Here you will face the some the greatest challenges that the Oldest House can throw at you. You will need the best gear and abilities to survive. Expeditions is free for all players.

Next year will see the arrival of two expansions, The Foundation and AWE, which will bring new story missions, enemies and mechanics to the game. According to Remedy, The Foundation will center on the history of the Oldest House, the sprawling building where that the Bureau of Control calls home. Jess will once again be tasked by the Board to explore the mysteries that lie deep beneath the Oldest House.

AWE, the second expansion, will focus on the Investigations Sector, and the Bureau work with Altered World Events. Control was an absolute treat to play, although some issues were running the game for some people, and maintaining good framerates. An update arrived yesterday to solve the problems on PS4, with the Xbox and PC update coming soon.