Control hinted to be coming to Xbox Game Pass in February

Microsoft teases a “really good month.”


Control could be coming to Xbox Game Pass in February, as hinted by a cryptic tweet from the official Twitter account of Microsoft’s subscription service.

The tweet shared that “February is going to be a really good month,” with the adverb “really” written multiple times with different fonts. Something that the community, as shown by this thread on ResetEra, has linked to Remedy’s latest action-adventure game.

Control is known for its use of fonts to build atmosphere and momentum across its story. The fact that one of those fonts Microsoft has used to the word “really” is presented upside down is leading fans to believe that the title is coming soon to the on-demand library.

This isn’t the first time that the game gets linked to Xbox Game Pass. Last year, Microsoft’s Executive Vice President at Gaming Phil Spencer shared that Control is coming to the platform, but the Finnish developer vehemently denied.

“I thought Control was really good, it didn’t reach enough people, so I’m glad to see it’s coming in to Game Pass, so hopefully more people play it,” said Spencer, in a livestream last December.  Remedy reacted with a tweet remarking it didn’t have “news or announcements regarding Xbox Game Pass at this time.”

An introduction on Xbox Game Pass could help Control spread its first paid additional content, March’s “The Foundation,” to a wider userbase, so this is why this speculation makes particularly sense, on top of Microsoft’s tease.

“The Foundation” is one of the two content packs coming to the game as part of its Season Pass, which is also adding a story related to Alan Wake, Remedy’s beloved intellectual property that fans have been long wanting a new game for.