Control Won’t Feature New Game Plus Due To “Lack Of Resources”


Remedy’s communications director Thomas Puha revealed in an interview with IGN that Control, one of the most anticipated games this year, won’t feature a New Game Plus mode. The reason behind this is because of a “lack of resources.”

This is the first effort under a new publisher for the Finnish studio after working so many years with Microsoft on Xbox and PC. Things are different now for the team, which has to face the reality of creating a limited budget.

“There won’t be a New Game Plus mode,” Puha said. “It’s something we’ve talked about, but unfortunately there are certain game design constraints, technical reasons and simply a lack of resources as to why we cannot do that.”

As for other stuff in the title, however, Remedy is planning on extensive post-launch support. The support features both paid and free content. Among the other things, a photo mode will be available for free following the game’s initial release in late Aug.

“There are no challenge or survival modes, but let’s see what we’ll do post-launch,” he added. “Our team is tiny, so we have to choose what we can do carefully. Whatever alternate game modes we could do, they’d have to fit into the world of Control.”

Control is releasing on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. After it ships, there’s a chance the studio turns its focus on the much anticipated Alan Wake 2. This information was shared by creative director Sam Lake, more in the vein of hope rather than a certainty.