Control Performance Fixes Coming By Late September, New Content Reveal This Week


Control has been critically acclaimed over the last few days, considered by many the best Remedy game and a huge step forward in comparison with Quantum Break.

However, many of those critics have noted performance issues on several platforms, especially the original Xbox One and PlayStation 4 models, which are reportedly struggling with frame rates outside of any possible consideration on resolutions.

In a blog post issued over the weekend, Remedy has noted that it is working on several solutions to improve the situation, and some of them – like disabling motion blur and film grain – will be implemented by late September on all the platforms.

“Right now, the team are looking at possible ways of improving console optimization in Control, but as you can hopefully understand, these things do take time and don’t happen at the press of a button (as much as we wish they did),” said the Finnish studio.

“We are also examining specific issues that some players have been experiencing and looking for fixes on those. When we have more info, we will be sure to let you know across our community channels.”

Remedy will also detail “very soon” how it plans to “improve how the in-game map loads to ensure that all the relevant info displays immediately and correctly,” and “an update on future content plans” is scheduled to be provided by the end of this week.

HDR and New Game Plus are still out of the plan, though, as the studio doesn’t have enough resources on the project to fund them.