Control’s Foundation trailer hints at another strange journey

Going deeper underground.


Remedy’s Control is a beautifully strange slice of gaming, embracing concepts from the New Weird branch of the literary tree and sending players on a journey into the unknown. A new trailer released for the Foundation DLC promises more of the same but also lures us in with the promise of answers to many burning questions.

It would appear that the Astral Plane is colliding with our own, and the Oldest House is at risk. As Jesse Faden, we must once again venture deep into the Oldest House in search of Helen Marshall, the missing Head of Operations, and answers about the Board, the Oldest House, and the new threat that it faces.

The trailer shows off some new environments, still in the firm grip of the Brutalist architecture from the main game, some new powers, and some new enemies. While we get flashing images of the many sights and sounds we will be enjoying during the DLC, an ominous and driving song plays, adding to the tension. (If you like the track, it’s Not Waving – 24.)

If you loved Control, it all acts as a beautiful appetizer to draw you back into the game’s dense world.

The Foundation DLC will launch on March 26 for PlayStation 4, and PC via the Epic Games store. Xbox One players will need to wait until June 25, however. On top of the DLC, a free update will also be released, featuring the Shield Rush upgrade. It’s a system that allows you to reassign ability points, and many quality of life changes, so even if you are not planning on getting the DLC, you still have reasons to jump back into the game.