Cookie Clicker coming to Steam in September

More than 600 upgrades and cloud saving are an irresistible treat.


Image via Playasaurus YouTube

Cookie Clicker, the idle browser game that’s been slowly generating fans and money in the background for developer DashNet while so many players get on with other tasks, is now coming to Steam. The game is an official remaster of that web browser version and packs in loads of new features.

Cookie Clicker officially launches on Steam on September 1 and is slated to cost around $5. The game boasts an impressive 600+ upgrades across all the times you’re able to purchase and utilize in your never-ending journey for more cookies. However, the best new feature that fans will be keen to make the most of is cloud saving. The browser game saves your progress in your browser, but if you clear it, the file is deleted. The Steam version will also allow you to take that progress to any device you want to play on.

Cookie Clicker was originally launched in 2013 and wasn’t intended to be a real source of income for developer DashNet. Instead, it was an experiment in making an idle game. However, it’s generated a decent player base over the years who have the game open all day on their computers while they do other things.

The game revolves around clicking on cookies. As you’d expect, you have to click on the cookie to earn more cookies and can then spend them on tools to earn you more cookies per click and even automate the clicking process. The more cookies you get, the more items you unlock, allowing you to play mini-games, acquire pets, and so much more.

With the web browser version being free, it’s hard to predict how many fans will convert over to the new version. The Steam version is expected to attract new players to the game and generate more income, leading to new features, seasonal events, and more content to come.