Could Spyro Reignited Trilogy For Nintendo Switch Be Using A New Larger Cartridge In Europe?


During E3 2019, the Spyro Reignited Trilogy was confirmed for the Nintendo Switch. The good folks over at Nintendo Life have since noticed an interesting disparity between the box art for the European and North American versions. On the North American box art that was shown on retailer Best Buy’s website the message “Download required. See back” is displayed.

This is pretty standard for the trilogy, as the same was required for the PS4 and Xbox One versions. The first game was on the disc, and the other two had to be downloaded separately. The European version doesn’t have that message. Now, a bit of research reveals that the PS4 and Xbox One versions in Europe also had the message, so it is not down to a difference in advertising standards.

The most likely explanation is that the box art shown on the European sites might be incorrect, although it is possible that for the PAL version, all three games will be on the cartridge. This would be very interesting as the Switch cartridges have a maximum size of 32GB, but Nintendo has had plans to bring a 64GB cartridge to the market, and their original plans to do so were for this year.

Switch cartridges have been notoriously difficult for publishers, being in short supply, and costing 60% more than Blu-rays for other platforms. This price only increases if you go up to a 64GB cartridge. The size of Spyro Reignited for PS4, and Xbox One is about 50-55GB, meaning if all three games are indeed on the one cartridge, there is either some very interesting differences between platforms with regards to compression, or Spyro will be using the new, larger cartridge.

You also have to wonder why the game would only be using the larger cartridge in Europe if it is using it at all. For now, my money is on a simple box art error on the European sites, but we will keep you updated with any news as it breaks.