Series’ Creator No Longer Working On Crackdown 3

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It was hinted at in the E3 2018 trailer, but now it’s official: Sumo Digital is the sole developer working on Crackdown 3, which means that series’ creator Dave Jones and his studio Reagent Games are no longer involved.

Before the E3 2018, Ruffian Games from Crackdown 2 and Jones’ Cloudgine were working on the game, but that’s apparently not the case anymore as Sumo Digital has been appointed as the unique development team for the Windows 10 and Xbox One exclusive.

Crackdown Creator Not Working On Crackdown 3

“We’re just working with Sumo [Digital] right now. That’s our main development partner. And as you know, I’m sure you know, any game has got a number of folks that come in to help us with content and some development, but Sumo’s our main … Sumo is our main partner on Crackdown,” Microsoft Studios’ Matt Booty has told Polygon.

Reagent Games has apparently been shut down as only three employers are part of it on LinkedIn and the Twitter account of the company has been silent for over a year now.

Booty also explained that the multiplayer mode’s cloud-based total destruction is still a part of the game, even though Cloudgine has been acquired by Epic Games and is no longer working on the title. He hints at some sort of change but that we learn more in the future about that, too.

“We’re not showing a lot of details about that here. We’ll have more to show as the year goes on. (…) You know, we’re super lucky as part of Microsoft that we get to work so closely with the Xbox platform team, that the cloud shows up in all of our games in pretty exciting ways. (…) Over time, things will evolve and I can’t really speak to what’s in the game, but it’s — these days with a big game like that, we’re very fortunate to have access to industry-leading cloud technology.”

Crackdown 3 is slated for February 2019.