Crackdown Xbox One X Tech Analysis: Improved In Many Ways, Scales Beautifully To A 4K Screen


A few days ago, Crackdown joined the Xbox One X Enhanced lineup together with The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, Fable Anniversary and Forza Horizon, and since the very first moment it was clear something special was happening.

Microsoft was able to improve the performances and the quality of graphics right away thanks to the power of Xbox One X, which emulates the original Xbox 360 games adding a new level of detail upscaling the resolutions and smoothing the frame-rates.

Crackdown Xbox One Tech Analysis

Now we have a Digital Foundry analysis to confirm this. According to the firm, Xbox One X improves “in many ways” the original Crackdown experience, reducing the tearing and rendering “beautifully” on a 4K screen. “Similar to Forza Horizon”, also, the game’s UI has some native 4K elements.

“Crackdown on Xbox One X delivers a markedly improved result for a classic game but with the overhead of the emulation layer in effect, we still don’t have the CPU power to run the game entirely locked to its 30fps target,” Digital Foundry analysis sums up.

“What you are getting is the same experience but improved in many ways: it scales beautifully to a 4K screen (and similar to Forza Horizon, some of the HUD elements seem to be native), it addresses some of the visual compromises and it runs more smoothly with no tearing.”

You can check the full video below if you want to see the game run on Xbox One X with your own eyes.