Crash Bandicoot could be the next Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighter, says leaker

The rumor mill is churning again.

Crash Bandicoot

Image via Sony

The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate rumor mill never rests. Hot off the announcement of Byleth as the fifth DLC fighter to be added to the game, the same leaker who said it would be just that character has made another bold prediction.

MandyCan on Twitter predicted that Byleth would be the fifth fighter to be added to the game back in October of last year. They then tweeted that shortly after Byleth released, Crash Bandicoot would be added to the roster of fighters. 

At the time, the Byleth prediction from a new account on the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate rumor scene was quite hard to judge, but the accuracy of the prediction has given fresh legs to the idea of Crash being added. The MandyCan Twitter account currently leads with a pinned message saying that they do not want to tweet about any more leaks until Crash is revealed. If the next fighter does indeed turn out to be the famous Bandicoot, it would establish MandyCan as a leaker of note within the community.

While not everyone in the Smash community was on board the hype train when Byleth was announced, it is hard to imagine that players would not be happy to see Crash Bandicoot added to the game. The potential for a visually pleasing and imaginative move set is obvious, and Crash related levels and music would be a fantastic addition to the game.