Cryptic Stardew Valley Joja Parrot 1.6 Update Teaser Leaves Fans Baffled

What does it mean?!?

If you’ve been on X lately (formerly known as Twitter) you’ve no doubt seen that Concerned Ape has once again dropped breadcrumbs of hints as to what’s coming in Stardew Valley’s 1.6 update. According to previous Tweets, the upcoming update will contain new items, secrets to discover, and some kind of new festival. The details are sparse, especially considering the fact that we got a big ‘????’ at the end there. As more teasers drop, we gain slightly extra details about what to expect next in this larger update for Stardew Valley.

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Concerned Ape Concerns Tons of Fans With Latest Tweet

This time, the message concerning the newest update that’s to come for Stardew Valley enjoyers is an image. Nothing more, not even text. It seems the throes of capitalism have finally decided to beat on Ginger Islands, at least in some kind of small way. What it all means is anyone’s guess, with what little information we have on the subject. Is Joja expanding? Why is there a bird there? Will we be flying from place to place with it, or something else? And why in the world is Joja expanding to Ginger Island?

The pedestal that the bird is standing on seems to either be a pedestal in earnest, or possibly a carrying container. I can imagine that for some reason, if you’re the type to support Joja, perhaps it is some sort of item dump for money that you can use while on Ginger Island. Other users responding to the Tweet have made some great guesses as well. Perhaps the bird unlocks something that’s inside that pedestal, or maybe the bird simply takes your money and gives it to Joja directly. Whatever the case, fans are really scratching their heads to find out what it all means. Hopefully, the answer will come to us soon.