Crystal Dynamics’ The Avengers, A New Clue It Is Going To Be A Service Game

While we still don’t have any particular official information about it, and the lack of it was quite surprising at the E3 2018, Crystal Dynamics’ The Avengers keeps shaping up as a service game.

All we know, via rumors, is that the title is featuring a four player co-op and is being treated as a Destiny-like platform which is going to be constantly updated both for free and with dedicated expansions.


A new clue comes today from a job listing, again hinting at the possibility that Crystal Dynamics’ The Avengers is going to be a service game, as the studio is looking into a Data Scientist.

“Crystal Dynamics is actively looking for an experienced and motivated Data Scientist to join our team. The Data Scientist will work alongside Production, Marketing, Community, and Engineering to deliver advanced analytics,” says the job listing.

“The Data Scientist will be responsible with using big data, machine learning tools, and visualization techniques to find consistent patterns and correlations that will help drive our KPIs with respect to player acquisition, retention and e-commerce.”

So, is this the direction you’d like the game to keep, or you would have preferred a single-player, more traditional game from the makers of Tomb Raider? Let us know in the comments below.