Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled receives patch to address online issues


Beenox, the developers of Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled which released worldwide yesterday, has announced that a patch for the game on day one has already been released for the game and is available on all versions, released in increments.

The game has been receiving a large amount of praise from the gaming community for its level of love earned in recreating the original CTR experience, with faithful controls, excellent variety of tracks and textbook Crash humor. However, one issue that the game was experiencing was with stability in online play, which was causing some players to crash (no pun intended) their game, or unable to have a reliable race in-game online.

The patch was released first on PS4, followed by Xbox One later in the day, and finally the Nintendo Switch. While there are no notes to confirm what improvements were made, it does seem to have cleared up the majority of the problems plaguing players as they race online. With the game only released for a day, this is expected to be the only major problem the game has and players can now experience the online play of the game without issue.

The game is the second Crash game to launch in recent times after the N.Sane Trilogy launched on PS4 in June 2017. Its success was seen as a good benchmark for both the Spyro Trilogy and CTR Nitro Fueled releases, and so far the game has made a good impression. Whether any further improvements need to be made via a developer patch are unknown. Aside from the issues online, the game appears to be bug-free, so the developers should now be able to focus on the upcoming Grand Prix DLC, which includes Spyro as a playable character.

Since this Tweet, Beenox has confirmed all three versions have now been patched.